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Security in the mews has been greatly improved since the installation of the gate in 1995. This does not, however, guarantee that people can ignore their security or become complacent, as there have been a number of incidents over the last few years.

A few simple pointers should be kept in mind wherever possible to maximise our security:

  • Please don’t give the gate code to delivery drivers and riders. Please open the gate using your home telephone or remote control whenever possible
  • If you get a call from a stranger asking for access, please check what their business is before letting them in
  • If someone is attempting to follow you through the gate, check with him or her that they have legitimate business in the mews. An innocuous question that might help is to ask who or what house they are looking for
  • Where appropriate, make sure that you secure your bicycles and motorcycles to a fixed point so that they can’t be moved. Cycles & scooters that have just been locked without being secured to a fixed point have been stolen in the past