Location, entry & exit

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This section provides visitors with information to help them find the mews in West London and general information on how to enter the mews through the gate.

Ruston Mews is located off St Marks Road in London W11 just north of its junction with Lancaster Road and south of the Westway which crosses over St Marks Road. At the entrance to the mews is a Power service station which serves as a useful landmark.

Below is a photo of the front of the mews to help you get your bearings:

Mews & Garage

The mews has a mechanical gate at its entrance with an entryphone for contacting all the houses in the road. A picture of the gate is shown below together with a detailed view of the entryphone keypad.

Photo of gate column with Entryphone
Close Up Photo of Entryphone

To make contact with the resident of the house you wish to visit use the procedure below:

  • Enter the house number, e.g. 7 or 27
  • Press the “Call” button.

If you make a mistake, press “Reset”.

This will call the home telephone of the house and once this connection has been made, either the main or pedestrian gates can be opened. The main gate is opened by pressing 1# from the resident’s telephone keypad and the side gate is opened by pressing 2#.

When the side gate opens a beeper sounds for a few seconds to indicate that the lock has been released. If the gate is not opened within a set time, it will relock and the procedure must be repeated.

If you use your own mobile to call the householder’s landline, the gate cannot be opened using the 1# or 2# procedure. This will only work if the gate entryphone is used.

Exit can be either through the side gate by pressing the exit button located on the wall just before the gate or if you have a vehicle, the gate will open automatically. Alternatively the hand-held remote control can be used to open the main gate.

Scooters and lightweight motorcycles may not have enough mass to trigger the gate if the rider positions himself or herself in line with the centre of the gate. To ensure exit, keep to the right some 7 metres inside the gate so that these vehicles can effectively trigger the exit command. See photo below for best line to trigger the gate.

Line of Exit for Bicycles

Go to gate page of the this section for more information on how the gate operates.