Replacement of the main sewer

As a resource intended to be of interest to both old and new residents and as a reference for the future, we have provided a history section to be expanded with more material as the website develops. A rough chronological framework is used here to structure the information we have to date on Ruston Mews.

The replacement of the main sewer in Ruston Mews was a very important matter. The old sewer had been in place for over 100 years and was in a poor state of repair. The cost of the work was estimated at the time to be around £70,000 and the association wanted to avoid landing residents with the cost of this work.

After several enquiries it was established that the water utility company was now responsible for these works under recent legislation and approaches were made to Thames Water to undertake a camera survey and to agree to the sewer replacement.

Following successful representation and evidence that the existing sewer was indeed in poor repair, Thames Water started the work in April 1992. During this work a trench was dug in the centre of the mews from No 12 to No 6. At this point, because of the depth of the pipe below the surface, the construction went underground via tunnelling.

The work was completed by June of that year and Thames resurfaced part of the mews free of charge.