Gradual improvements

As a resource intended to be of interest to both old and new residents and as a reference for the future, we have provided a history section to be expanded with more material as the website develops. A rough chronological framework is used here to structure the information we have to date on Ruston Mews.

With the completion of the gate and the road resurfacing, a large chunk of what RMA was formed to do was achieved. Subsequent years have seen more gradual improvements. New streetlights were fitted in 1998 replacing the 3 old units that were located on the old houses together with a new light to illuminate the area just by the gate entryphone.

Further work was undertaken to provide hardwood panelling to obscure the garage rear yard opposite No 1 and planting used to camouflage the garage wall opposite No’s 36 to 38.

The resident’s appetite for improvements still remains strong and there are a number of further projects being considered. These are in the private members’ section which is available for resident comment and augmentation.