Information of use/interest to residents is included under the headings below. To view the relevant section, click on the appropriate section heading arranged in alphabetical order.

The main gate is operated using a remote control, via the keypad on the left gate post and from your home telephone when called from the gate entryphone.

Residents using the gate with the entry code can open the gates as follows:

  • Main Gate: * followed by gate code
  • Pedestrian Gate: gate code only.

When the pedestrian gate opens, a beeper sounds for a short period.

When a visitor arrives at the gate they should call the relevant house number on the large keypad by pressing the house number keys followed by the “CALL” button.

When a visitor calls your house from the gate entryphone, you can open either the main gate or the pedestrian gate by the following actions:

  • Main Gate: 2# (press 2 and then # on your phone key pad)
  • Pedestrian Gate: 3# (3 and then # on your phone key pad)

Upon exiting the mews, the main gate is operated via a sensor in the road that picks up the presence of a vehicle. Motorcycles & mopeds should keep to the right near the gate to make sure the sensor picks up their presence. Bicycles can sometimes open the gate in this way if one moves slowly and with a little luck. See the photo for further information on the exit sensor.

Exit line for bicycles & light motorcycles to trigger gate

The entry phone system at the gate can be linked directly to your home phone enabling you to open either the main or pedestrian gates. To ensure that your house can be contacted from the gate this number needs to be entered into the system and the gate maintenance contractor, Strand Systems, carries this out. The current cost for this connection is £35.00 including VAT for each number change.

A remote control is available for the gate and costs £45.00 incl. VAT. Only the 418 Hz single button keyfob version is available and this should be specified. Contact RMA to connect up your telephone to the gate or to arrange for the purchase of a remote control unit for the gate. The remotes have a range of around 50 to 75 metres and it is possible to start the gate opening before you arrive to go through which saves time.

If there is a power failure to the gates, they can be opened by hand by pushing gently against the hydraulic actuators.

In the event of an emergency in the mews, Fire & Ambulance crews can open the gate using the standard emergency lock.

The gate is serviced twice yearly. RMA has a service contract with Strand Systems who undertake the maintenance of the mechanical and control systems. Strand are also available on a next day call out contract to undertake repairs.

To ensure that the gate remains as secure as possible, the gate code is changed regularly.

Please don’t allow your children to play on the gate leaves as this can cause damage to the bearings which were not designed for the extra load this may impose. Playing on the gate is also dangerous and could cause injury if anyone became caught between the gate leaf and the ground or the stop post.

The gate installation is comprehensively insured against accidental damage and third party claims.