Ruston Mews in the 1960s

As a resource intended to be of interest to both old and new residents and as a reference for the future, we have provided a history section to be expanded with more material as the website develops. A rough chronological framework is used here to structure the information we have to date on Ruston Mews.

The post-war regeneration of London started to affect the Notting Hill area in the 1960s when it became fashionable to live in a mews house. At the time Ruston Mews was a rough cobbled street with a collapsing wall bordering the rough ground leading up to the underground railway. A series of photos have been collected that show the mews at that time.

Ruston Mews looking west c1968
Ruston Mews looking east c1968
Ladbroke Grove Station from Ruston Mews c1968
Ladbroke Grove Station Signal Box c1968
Underground Train at Station c1968
Modifying a house in Ruston Mews c1968