Ruston Mews has a close and friendly community spirit which springs from being both a cul-de-sac and having a housing layout that helps bring people together in an informal way.

Because of this, it was felt that a page of this site might be usefully dedicated to giving pointers on some important aspects of living in the mews.

However, before we go any further into this area, it should be noted that the majority of residents in the mews have no desire to impose any petty rules that set out how people should behave. It is important that people enjoy their life in the mews and not worry that anyone is looking over your shoulder. All that is asked is that mews residents be responsible and considerate towards their neighbours.

The points below are to help ensure that life in the mews continues to be as friendly and cooperative as it has always been. Sections are in alphabetical order for quick reference and in no order of priority.

Houses generally look attractive and continue to improve as people upgrade their property. It would be good if residents regularly removed weeds from their house fronts and did not leave rubbish standing outside their frontages for unnecessarily long periods of time.

Ball games
No one minds if people have fun playing games in the street. The only proviso is if damage to property occurs and noise becomes a bit too intrusive. Please avoid playing ball games that may cause damage to cars or the frontages of houses.

Barbecues & fires in the mews
Because of the close proximity of houses and cars in the street, lighting barbecues in the roadway may not be the best practice. Ideally, keep barbecues on your terrace.

Building works
If you are going to undertake major building works that are likely to involve builders vans, dust, noise etc, please let you immediate neighbours know. Also, try and keep noisy building work to within normal working hours during the week and up to 1.00 PM on Saturdays.

There are no restrictions on having skips, but please ensure that your skip is located outside the front of your house and that your parking does not inconvenience your neighbours for the duration that the skip is there.

Driving & riding in the mews
As there are young children and animals in the mews, it would be appreciated if drivers and riders could keep their speed down to a slow pace when travelling up and down the mews so as to avoid any accidents.

If anyone notices residents who persistently drive or ride too quickly in the mews, please feel free to ask them to slow down.

Everyone agrees that the mews looks much better if it is free from litter etc. It would be much appreciated if you could avoid dropping litter and thoughtfully dispose of any cigarette butts.

If residents are moving, it is helpful to let neighbours know in advance so they can move their cars before the removal van comes.

The houses in the mews are in close proximity with open terraces and thin party walls.

This means that noise can be an issue. Please be aware of this and be considerate, particularly late at night.

It would be appreciated if you could pick up any of your pet’s droppings as soon as possible and wash away any urine with a bucket of water.

It would be helpful if residents could park their cars as close in to their houses as is practical, as it can be quite difficult for delivery vans to access the narrower reaches of the street and makes it more difficult to reverse when leaving the mews.

Also, try to avoid leaving your car for long periods outside other people’s houses – use the overflow outside the gate if necessary.