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Electricity, cable TV & telephones

Electricity supply

The mews is thought to be served by two electricity mains cables that run down each side of the roadway. The cable serving the old houses can be seen in the photo above of the sewer pipe and services. The layout of the cables is shown in the schematic below. Please click on the thumbnail for to view a full size image.

Old house mains water stop cock. Click imagefor enlarged view

Cable TV

The mews has a cable TV infrastructure provided by NTL/Telewest. Cable ducting runs down each side of the mews about 0.5m below the road surface. See the photo below of the road during excavations carried out in 1992 when the cables were installed.

Installing cable TV ducting (c 1992)

Each house has a Cable TV junction box serving the property that can be connected up to the service. Below is a photo of the typical Cable TV junction box for the new houses. There is one junction box per two houses with the box being located at the bottom of the central column between the front walkways.

NTL/Telewest cable services junction box - new house

For the old houses, a ground level junction box is provided for each house:

NTL/Telewest cable services junction box - old house

BT telephone cable

BT also has cables running underground in the mews. The old BT cables that ran along the frontages of the old houses were replaced in 2004 by underground ducting. This means that the mews is equipped with the necessary ducting and service access points to allow the cables to be replaced or upgraded in the future without any major construction work being required.

See the image below for the BT cable schematic layout in the mews.

For the old houses, a ground level junction box is provided for each house:

BT telephone cable schematic

There is also a photo of the excavations that were undertaken to lay the BT cable ducting which are set at around 0.5 m below the road surface.

BT cable ducting construction work (2004)

The BT cable terminations are as per the following photo for the old houses:

BT telephone JB old houses

It is not known where the BT cable junction boxes are on the new houses. What is known is that the cables terminate in a hatch in the ground and may be laid underground into the new houses. A photo of the BT Cable Inspection Hatch for the new houses is shown below:

BT telephone inspection hatch new houses